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        Zhoushan Sanzhong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. provides all kinds of screw for you, welcome to consult!


        Dry high pressure cross linking extruder

        Dry high pressure cross linking extruder
        The extruder unit of our company combines the similar products at home and abroad to carry out optimization design and reasonable improvement, which greatly improves the performance on the original basis. It is suitable for the production of 5kv-110kv high-voltage cable.
        The motor is directly connected with the reducer to reduce the fluctuation in the belt pulley drive. Make each layer of cable more stable. It can save 30% power by increasing the torque ratio.
        Centralized oil supply system, convenient for installation and maintenance.
        The temperature control system of oil inlet and outlet of extruder barrel is optimized to keep the temperature difference between upper and lower parts of extruder barrel within ± 1 ° C.


        Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of injection molding machine, extruder, chemical fiber machine, glue melting machine, rubber machine barrel screw and its accessories
        The company can also undertake surveying and mapping, design, transformation and batch processing business